Matt Austin (Tenor Sax) leads a small combo of student musicians as the play during the pre-dinner cocktail hour.  
University of Montana president Royce Engstrom (left) speaks with former UM Jazz Program director Lance Boyd (right) and current music student 
Owen Ross (center).
Master of Ceremonies and Guest Artist, Huey Lewis socializes with attendees before dinner. 
Attendees enjoy dinner and wait for the music to start. 
Eli Wynn steps up to the solo mic as the University of Montana Jazz Ensemble kicks off the evening's music. 
Huey Lewis steps to the mic to talk about the history of jazz for a moment as the band preps for the next song.
Student musicians Eli Wynn (clarinet) Jenni Long (trumpet) and Josh Hungate (trombone) step up to accompany Mr Lewis on an old New Orleans style number. 
University of Montana School of Music alum and local music educator Emily Daniels steps to the mic to lend her vocal talents to the band for a number.  
As the first half of the concert comes to a close, current head of the UM Jazz Program Rob Tapper (left) acknowledges guest Huey Lewis.  
UM music student Olivia Adams (in light on the right)  joins friends on the dance floor as the second half of the concert gets started.
Emily Daniels steps back to the mic once again to add some lyrics to the mostly dance music focused second half of the concert.
As the night comes to a close, graduate student Lukas Selfridge steps to the mic as the band plays one last song.
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